LED Lighting


Avela Global imports a wide range of LED fittings and lamps which have passed all safety tests including EMC, LVD, IEC & SABS. Beside a higher lumen per watt output than conventional fittings, their safety features include a constant current driver which maintains a constant current output to the driver immaterial of the current fluctuations on the primary side caused by power dips and spikes. They have the latest Japanese technology which includes an innovative ribbed aluminum design for quick heat dissipation as well as built in thermostats which cut out the power to the chips at 55*c and will only come back on once cooled down. With all these built in features their lifespan is well over 50 000 hours with a lux depreciation of less than 3% over 10 000 hours. This is much lower than conventional LED fittings in the market today.

The manufacturing company is ISO9001 certified and all products have obtained worldwide approval by CCC, UL, CE, RoHS, GS, ITS and IEC.
We could audit any plant, office block or warehouse, calculate the difference in current consumption based on the existing fittings verses the LED replacement, the savings in the current consumption verses the cost of the replacement and the payback period, at no cost at all.
Also note that there are other fittings for different areas which do not appear on the catalogues as they are new and only recently released.

We have a diverse range of LED lights and fittings: 

  • Ceramic LED Bulbs
  • LED Downlights (Panel)
  • LED Spotlights
  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • LED Exterior Bulkheads / Eyelid Lights

Catalogue & Pricelist Downloads:

Avela High Bay And Flood Light Catalogue with Pricing
Avela LED Lighting Catalogue with Pricing

Datsheet Downloads:

Avela High Cloud High Bay Comparison
Datasheet for 50W  HiCloud LED High Bay Light V1.2

Datasheet for 70W  HiCloud LED High Bay Light V1.2
Datasheet for 90W Mini HiCloud LED High Bay Light V1.2
Datasheet for 100W  HiCloud LED High Bay Light V1.2
Datasheet for 120W  HiCloud LED High Bay Light V1.2
Datasheet for 150W  HiCloud LED High Bay Light V1.2
Datasheet for 200W  HiCloud LED High Bay Light V1.2
Datasheet for 240W  HiCloud LED High Bay Light V1.2
Datasheet for 300W  HiCloud LED High Bay Light V1.2


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